Eureka Traditional Chinese Healing

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Eureka Traditional Chinese Healing is an affordable & professional home based clinic located at Mitcham. We are also the only place in Melbourne that is willing to offer root cause cures so you wouldn't have to keep visiting us over and over again. To us a patient healed is not a patient loss but a joy to us! It boasts its comfortable and tranquil environment to help you heal and rejuvenate.  You will also find ample free parking nearby. 

"Is the practitioner registered?" is the first question you should ask when looking for an alternative health treatment.

Dr. David, a registered practitioner under Alternative Health Care  is here to provide traditional acupuncture treatments originated 4000 years ago at a capped price of $70  per session, including complimentary consultation and personalized treatment. Each treatment runs for between 60 to 70 minutes depending on individual cases. 

We don't advertise nor occupy a fancy clinic outlet in order to keep our service fee low and pass the savings onto our clients. We don't use commercial tactics to lengthen the treatment plan either.  Instead, we mainly rely on referrals to grow our client database. We understand that it can be a bit slow but this is the way we do it. Why? Simply because we are so confident of the gifted healing power of Dr. David, who has years of experience in both Christchurch New Zealand and now in Melbourne. 

Are you really healthy?

Not having a cancer or chronic illnesses does not mean that you are healthy! There are hidden, easily-overlooked feelings that may suggest that your health is on the vulnerable side waiting for something to trigger the expression of what we call dis-eases nowadays. Such feelings include being easily tired, feeling overwhelmed, lack of motivation, hard to concentrate,  getting easily angry, poor memory,  lightheaded, low appetite and libido etc. 

Curious about acupuncture and David's gifted healing power? Why not give us a call to discuss how we can help you achieve the balanced healthy status that you might have not experienced for a long time. Just call us on 0432250138. Your perfect health could be just a phone call away.